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About us

The Urban Creators is a youth and community driven organization that inspires inner-city neighborhoods to transform neglected landscapes into food hubs, social enterprises, and models of urban sustainability. We are change makers; story-tellers, urban farmers, dot connecters, movement builders, and innovators, cultivating knowledge, skills, and local resources to take the health of our communities into our own hands. We engage diverse networks in neighborhood revitalization efforts that build self-sufficiency and pioneer grass-roots economic development, while igniting a unified generation of passionate change agents, social entrepreneurs, and urban creators.

We are, first and foremost, a youth-led organization. The overall vision that we are striving to create, however, is in no way exclusive to young people. Therefore, we focus on using our young energy and ambition in coalition with our adult partners and the residents of the communities that we are active in, so that we can collectively create local solutions to the global problems that are facing us all.


Uniting a diverse generation of civically engaged young social entrepreneurs with the skills, networks, analysis, and resources to sustainably develop our urban environments from the ground-up.


Building food-security in inner-city communities through the creation of community-based gardens and market farms on vacant or underutilized land.


Fostering economic resiliency, through integrative jobs training, creation, and small business development.

Our Team

While each of our core staff members have gained recognition for their role as visionaries in our evolving movement, but it is not our individual achievements that matter. Rather, it is the innate diversity of our team that makes us who we are. The Urban Creators exist as the manifested intersection of our individual “Stories of self”, a culmination of the wide diaspora of backgrounds, experiences, skills, networks, ideas, corques, scars, and passions that we each bring to the collective as our interwoven social fabric make up the tapestry of our unified identity.

We are change makers; story-tellers, urban explorers, farmers, dot connecters, movement builders, and innovators, cultivating knowledge, skills, and local resources to take the health of our communities into our own hands, while igniting a unified generation of passionate change agents to actualize their visions in their own communities. We are, Urban Creators.

Devon Bailey

Site & Development Manager AKA The Mad Scientist

Alex Epstein

Co-Executive Director AKA “The Social Justice Hustler”

Jeaninne Kayembe

Co-Executive Director AKA “The Dream Catcher”

Golden Murray

Director of Therapeutic Services AKA “The Bohdavista Trailblazer”

Troi Lauren

Movement Specialist AKA “The Mover and Shaker”

Philip Armstrong

Youth Leader

Tyler Ray

Youth Leader

The Community

Our Programs

We engage students of all ages in interactive workshops and hands-on activities that develop diverse analytical frameworks, technical skills, and holistic life practices. Together we will analyze the relationships between food and identity, energy and economics, the environment and society, and community and the elf, while developing a variety of skills and sustainable practices that empower us to become healthier individuals and pioneers of urban innovation.

Each of our three educational programs have unique, and specific offerings and outcomes. You can contract us to facilitate trainings in any one particular field, although we strongly recommend our combined program that integrates core elements of all three.

Leadership Development & Team Building

  • Public Narrative Training
  • Community Building
  • Adventure Based Therapy
  • Group Facilitation Training
  • Cooperative Decision Making
  • Strategic Problem Solving

Holistic Health & Wellness

  • Self-Awareness & Defense
  • Nutrition & Culinary Arts
  • Fitness Training
  • Intentional Movement
  • Horticulture Modalities
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Herbal Health Remedies
  • Urban Innovation

  • Social System Analysis
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Landscape Management
  • Sustainable Development
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Entrepreneurship

  • The true educational value of this program lies in its interdisciplinary design. Participants will not only learn to analyze issues relevant to the wellbeing of themselves and their communities, but will also develop a wide array of skills and practices that they can apply in establishing their own social enterprises, community action projects, or healthy lifestyles.

    Services & Fees:

    PUC offers a variety of educational service options at a fee-for-service rate of $150/session on site (at our farm), and $200 off site.

    Goods & Services

    Sol De Creator

    Our organic body care line consists of fresh herbal oil infusions to shea butter that promotes skin and hair health. We offer bulk orders as wedding or party favors, find us at our farmers market or the food trust common ground food market.
    Email Troi@phillyurbancreators.org for orders.

    Build a Garden

    We work with the neighbors to transform vacant plots of land into community gardens. We meet with neighbors to design the farm, and conduct community outreach to get more families involved. Now, the gardens are maintained by neighbors, and serves as a model of how we can come together to transform blight into beauty, and vacancy into food.



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    Contact Information

    • 2315 N 11th St, Philadelphia, PA 19133

    • admin@phillyurbancreators.org